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New Forest Orienteering MapRun Courses

I have created 3 MapRun courses in Gwaelod-y-Garth woods. These are conventional linear orienteering courses. There are long and a short courses suitable for experienced orienteers and an easy short course suitable for beginners. As all of the control sites are under tree cover GPS reception will be variable. Going round the controls using 2 different phones all of the controls responded using a 15m sensitivity radius. The pdf maps and control descriptions can be downloaded on the MapRun page.

New Maprun Event

There is a new maprun event in the Maprun Archive Page . The event uses Cathays and Roath areas of Cardiff. It uses the new features of MapRunF which allows you to start your run at any control on the map. The control you start at is converted to the start/finish control and the old start/finish site become a normal control. To use this feature you need to be using the latest version of MarRunF. So if you live close enough to the area to use it as you daily exercise give it a go.

SWOC Events

As you would expect all formal SWOC events are cancelled until restrictions on travel etc are lifted. There is an archive of MapRun events in the cardiff area which can be done on an individual basis at any time. The pdf’s for the papermaps are in the Events-Maprun Archive tab on the Website or you can just use the maps on the MapRun App. I will endeavour to convert some older events to MapRun as well.

22/02/2020 Parc Penallta Local Event

Well done to all those who came along to Parc Penallta and made the most of the window of opportunity between storms!

We had quite a few having a go for the first time, so we hope to see you again soon. For those that were doing it for the first time, don’t be put off by not finishing, missed controls, wrong controls or any times, it’s all part of the learning process. So long as you had fun and want to come back for more! And for those that got all the Controls – Well done – So what’s next? Another go on a different area? A faster time? A harder course? or come to one of our training sessions to learn more? It’s up to you…  

For those on the Longer Courses, there were some interesting vegetation route choices to be made and to those that jumped right in for the first time, what a terrific effort! Have a look at your maps and the route you took. Could you have taken a different route?  

Apologies to Peter Ribbons and Peter Maloney, we had a few technical download difficulties and the back up reader couldn’t retrieve your split time after control 5 (I have used rounded up weighted averages in the splits table for you).  

Thanks to Paul for helping on Starts and Download and Mark and Alice for control collection.  


Split times here

Parc Penallta, Results

Parc Penallta, Results


Yellow 2.5 km, 55 m 11 Controls
1 439068 Pablo Nunez (jnr)   43:41
2 439062 Maddie, Charlie, Evan & Ellis (jnr) (1st Ystrad Mynach) 49:30 (+5:49)
3 401412 Oscar Waite (M12)   52:38 (+8:57)
4 439060 Thomas Clutton (M8)   59:06 (+15:25)
439051 Nicky Hutchison (W55)   MP
401412 Emma (&Stephen) Brisley (jnr)   MP
439065 Anna & Isabelle (jnr)   DNF

Orange 3.6 km, 90 m 10 Controls
1 401399 Beth Davies & Kay Roberts (W40)   40:22
2 Peter Maloney (M75) NGOC 41:37 (+1:15)
3 401411 Olwen Watts (W14) (1st Caerphilly) 47:30 (+7:08)
4 Lucille Irwin (W16)   53:10 (+12:48)
5 439061 Awstin Bradford (M12) (1st Caerphilly) 53:31 (+13:09)
6 439062 Maddie, Charlie, Evan &Ellis (jnr) (1st Ystrad Mynach) 65:15 (+24:53)
7 439064 Janik Anderson (M12)   84:57 (+44:35)
401395 Gwen & Amy (jnr)   MP

Green 4.6 km, 120 m 14 Controls
1 8628657 Kevin Bush (M60) SWOC 63:01
2 8680544 Christopher Raven (M16) SWOC 70:08 (+7:07)
3 Nigel Ferrand (M60) SWOC 72:03 (+9:02)
4 Peter Ribbans (M60) SWOC 74:14 (+11:13)
5 8680543 Andrew Raven (M14) SWOC (1st Caerphilly) 76:30 (+13:29)
6 Alan Richards (M70) NGOC 81:22 (+18:21)
7 401401 Rachel Gladstone (W45)   84:37 (+21:36)
8 8628568 Jane Bush (W60) SWOC 95:02 (+32:01)
9 439066 Joanna Howell (W21) BOK 96:31 (+33:30)
10 333757 Chris Burgues (M65) SWOC 99:25 (+36:24)
401390 Sian Newton (W45) & David Grimsell (M55) (Hengoed Harriers) MP

Blue 7.0 km, 195 m 17 Controls
1 Marcus Pinker (M45) SWOC 47:09
2 8657425 Matthew Whipple (M21) SWOC 50:40 (+3:31)
3 8221169 Chris McCartney (M50) OD 62:36 (+15:27)
4 Matt O’Keefe (M35) SWOC 68:38 (+21:29)
5 430416 Haydn Griffiths (M60) SWOC 70:00 (+22:51)
6 Bethan Irwin (W40) SBOC 91:42 (+44:33)
7 401396 Jay Gouldins (M40) & Gerwyn Malpas (M35)   154:34 (+107:25)
401389 John Seaward (M30)   MP

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Cardiff MapRun League Results with 1 race to go

MapRun League results after 5 races with 1 race to go. Best 4 results. Only those with at least 3 results are included here. 75 different people have participated in at least 1 event. Next and final race of this series St Mellons Wed 18th March.

Handicap Results
RadyrFairwaterPentwynLlanishenWhitchurchCardiff BayBest 4 Results
1Alice Bedwell10009410099100399
2James Clemence00999910099397
3Duncan Innes98100097950390
4Mark Saunders97010093098388
5Gary Davies949797968793384
6Richard Cronin93969692880377
7Matt Whipple0098899291370
8Dave McCullough88900867989353
9Andrew Firth0089878090346
10Nathan Swain86888783770344
11Darren Raz-Nick82898385081339
12Haydn Griffiths969909400289
13Ellen Perry899509800282
14Richard Edge093910910275
15Eira Jepson910900092273
16David Powlesland091930830267
17Matt St Clair008990080259
Non-Handicap Results
RadyrFairwaterPentwynLlanishenWhitchurchCardiff BayBest 4
1Richard Cronin1001009997960396
2Gary Davies9999961009095394
3Matt Whipple00100949896388
4James Clemence0095989994386
5Duncan Innes9998095860378
6Alice Bedwell99086979288376
7Dave McCullough96930928391372
8Mark Saunders9509884093370
9Nathan Swain92899386820360
10Andrew Firth0093908293358
11Darren Raz-Nick83908587082345
12David Powlesland096980880282
13Richard Edge093940900277
14Haydn Griffiths949408500273
15Eira Jepson940890089272
16Matt St Clair009393083269
17Ellen Perry858708900261