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Cardiff Park Series 2020

Park Series is back for 2020! Our fun summer evening races around the parks of Cardiff and beyond will be returning on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer months.

With three course distances to choose from theses events are suitable for all ages. No experience of map reading required just enthusiasm for adventure!

Provisional dates for 2020:

6 May – Roath Park
20 May – Bute Park
3 June – Hailey Park
17 june – Heath park
1 July – Pontypridd
15 July – Pontcanna Fields

All midweek evenings. Long, medium, novice courses and coaching will be on offer.

15/01/2020 Whitchurch Maprun

Thanks to Alan Stone for planning and organising tonights MapRun. The record breaking entry meant maps were a bit tight and we will have to up our print run for the next event which is Wed 19th Feb in Cardiff Bay.
I have added missing controls due to GPS issues for Mark Ponsford, Alice Bedwell, Lewis S, David Powlesland, Matt Whipple, Daniel Portlock, Andrew Mason and not least Marcus Pinker whose result wouldn’t upload but whose track gave him a winning score of 550.
Results here –

29/12/2019 Wenallt Xmas Score

Wenallt Xmas 2019 – Preliminary results
Score (65/65)Status of: 2:37 PM33 C 384 Pts1:00:00
*** Ran with a map without the paths
1Jim Bailey ***BOKM1638448:04384
2Clive HallettBOKM5538453:17384
3Richard Cronin ***NGOCM2138455:54384
4Michael Hallett ***BOKM2137951:39379
5Scott Bailey ***BOKM4537459:59374
6Richard SharpTVOCM5535458:05354
7Haydn GriffithsSWOCM6034958:54349
8Tom FoordSWOC34958:58349
9Christine FarrSWOCW4034456:13344
10Guto .34458:13344
11Carys SharpTVOC34458:59344
12Jeremy ParrSWOCM503641:01:56-20344
13James Parkin33956:20339
14Hopcyn MatthewsCardiff Tri33956:23339
15Chris JohnsonBOKM6531955:06319
16Eifion .31958:15319
17Peter RibbansSWOCM6031453:52314
18David MitchellSBOCM6031455:41314
19Ellie DaviesSWOC31458:42314
20John MillsSWOCM6530955:24309
21Jackie Hallet ***BOKW6030559:43305
22Ira & Davy30458:29304
23David MaySLOWM703041:00:47-8296
24John Seaward28954:45289
25Mike ForrestBOKM6528959:15289
26Graham ToughSWOCM7028456:10284
27Ann CurtisBOK28459:41284
28Amy & Will PeltorBAOCM10 & W4026957:06269
29Pete ColbertSWOCM6525951:15259
30Anne MaySLOWW6525954:59259
31Zach HolmesSWOC25453:55254
32David WithnallCanton Chargers24959:03249
33Frank InceSWOCM7524446:15244
34Dougi Innes-FarrSWOCM1023945:52239
35Diane GoodwinSWOCW5523952:26239
36Darren Raz-NickGoodGym23957:07239
37Ian GoodwinSOM6023451:19234
38Ute & Lena Meister2391:00:30-5234
39The Phoenix22956:36229
40Rich & BetsiIND22958:26229
41Peter GillibrandIND22458:06224
41Elkin PerryGoodGym22458:06224
43Anthony Wilford21955:24219
44Faye ChamberlainCanton Chargers21955:35219
45Henry & Seth21958:35219
46Peltor AlexBAOCM1221451:39214
47Salla Tuomola2241:00:59-10214
48Anna PeltorBAOCW1220958:35209
49Stella AshbySWOCW1020454:58204
50Deborah Husband19950:02199
51team Chamberlin19956:56199
52Sue ColbertSWOCW7019957:20199
53Evans Family18959:47189
54Team Burrell2391:05:30-55184
55Helen SharpSWOCW5517953:42179
56Jussi Rantanen17454:38174
57Emily PeltorBAOCW1216456:57164
58S Hopkins-Jones15449:30154
59Joni Parri14950:09149
60Joni2 Parri14950:21149
61Jenifer Green10557:41105
62Agnieszka KaminskaBOKW402691:18:17-18386
63Cobb FamilyIND8056:4680
64Victoria Knappett1291:07:55-8049

MapRun Archive of Old Events

There is now a page of MapRun Archive Events under the Events Menu with links to the pdf’s of the MapRun events we have put on so far. The phone maps are still available for download using the MapRun apps. You can now download and print the maps and go and run any events you might have missed.

18/12/2019 Llanishen Maprun

Thanks to Camilla and Alice for setting a challenging course and for the post race refreshments . The weather cleared just in time for the start. I have edited a few runs to add controls missed due to poor GPS tracking. If anyone else has an controls they think have been missed let me know. – Nick.

Results here

16/11/2019 Castell Coch Local

Splits here

Castle Coch, Results

Castle Coch, Results


Blue 5500 meters 15 Controls
1 8657425 Matt Whipple M21 Swoc 44:45
2 260341 James Clemence M55 SWOC 48:03
3 2127376 Russell Finch M50 Swoc 62:04
4 401409 O!Iver Lamford M21 Mdc 62:20
5 1978730 Kerna Lake W40 Sboc 70:35
6 430416 Haydn Griffiths M60 SWOC 74:07
7 439058 David Underhill M21 Swoc 77:21
8 439056 Rob Patton M21 Ind 77:22
9 400402 David Mitchell M60 SBOC 77:44
10 8032505 William Lake W40 SWOC 77:46
11 8670602 Vanessa Lawson W45 Ngoc 81:22
12 439070 John Seaward M21 Ind 97:31

Green 4100 meters 9 Controls
1 2049784 Duncan Innes M55 SWOC 39:46
2 401411 Tom Foord M40 Ind 43:39
3 342253 Christine Farr W40 SWOC 45:10
4 347572 Freddie Lake M14 SBOC 49:04
5 439053 David Powlesland M21 Swoc 50:24
6 8641854 Peter Ribbans M60 Swoc 54:30
7 8038707 Reuben Lawson M14 Ngoc 56:39
8 439062 Jana Pinplava W55 Ind 58:22
9 439061 Ainis Pirtuieus M55 Ind 58:38
10 439063 Sharon Finch W50 Swoc 62:20
11 439057 Jonathan King M21 Ind 66:54
12 439054 David Collins M21 Ind 68:39
13 439052 Matt St Clair M35 Ind 70:31
14 50240 Diana McClure W65 SBOC 71:47
15 261207 Alan Richards M70 NGOC 72:36
16 401389 Zoe Pelech W21 Ind 72:50
17 401386 Eira Jepson W21 Swoc 72:51
18 439055 Richard Jones M50 Ind 81:55
19 439051 Emily Mackinnen Ind 90:11
19 401412 Megan Gorry W21 Ind 90:11
21 8680543 Andrew Raven 1st Caerphilly 102:17
22 401385 Penny Lewis W45 Mdc 146:32

Short Green 3000 meters 9 Controls
1 401408 Graham Tough M75 SWOC 51:09
2 2800209 Peter Colbert M65 Swoc 58:01
3 222321 Sue Colbert W70 SWOC 59:06
4 411047 Bethin Irwin W40 Sboc 61:29
5 260248 Alun Morgan M75 SWOC 66:48

Orange 2800 meters 8 Controls
1 8037174 Seth Lawson M12 Ngoc 40:39
2 401410 Kim Thusing Ind 48:47
3 439059 Stella Ashby W9 Ind 50:48
4 401405 Sam+Jamie 1st Caerphilly 55:55
5 401407 Henry 1st Caerphilly 59:31
6 401395 Emma 1st Caerphilly 59:57
7 401403 Sanjeev+Vijay 1st Caerphilly 61:03
8 439068 Alun Pincombe M50 Ind 74:55
401413 Lexi Holms W9 Ind MP

Yellow 2100 meters 8 Controls
1 401397 Emma+Sanjeev 1st Caerphilly 19:40
2 439064 Tristan McDuff M8 Ind 24:19
3 439060 Ela McDuff W5 Ind 26:04
4 401404 Grace 1st Caerphilly 31:01
5 439063 Jakub 1st Caerphilly 39:57
6 439065 Stephen Thayer Ind 48:02
7 401396 Grace+Savannah 1st Caerphilly 52:48

Created 2019-11-17 21:07:55 with SI-Droid Event 1.3.4

13th Nov 2019 Pentwyn MapRun

Thanks to all who turned up and ran despite the awful weather. Thanks to Clare for planning and Mark and Caroline for their help on the day. Initial results here. There will be a few additions to the results when the tracks are looked at.

Event Organisers Wanted (Updated Jan 2020)

SWOC is planning to put on monthly events in 2020 as well as a Christmas score on the 27th December. We are looking for people to plan / organise these events. The SWOC League Events will consist of 4 courses Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow with the capability of creating a Short Green course where possible.  Support will be given to anyone inexperienced.

If you can help please let me know with your preferred option. At present there may be some flexibility with regard to dates and venues but I will be contacting landowners for permissions shortly.

The details of the events still requiring volunteers are as follows.

202018th JulySatSWOC League 8 Mynydd y Gaer
202013th SeptemberSunWelsh League Llangattock
202029th NovemberSunSWOC League 10Kingswood
202027th DecemberSunXmas ScoreTBC

Pete Ribbans

SWOC Fixtures secretary