Thu 22/02/18   Evening Street Score  Cardiff

15th Feb, Wed ,  Evening Street Event Thornhill

Venue   to follow



Start Time  7pm Mass start, registration open from 6.40.


Fees: Seniors £3; Juniors £1  No unaccompanied juniors due to traffic hazards


Event Format : 1hr score, find as many controls as you can in 1 hr.  Controls will have different values from 10 to 50 points with 20 points deducted per minute or part late

Controls will be fire hydrants, lamp posts and assorted other street furniture. Control sites will not have an orienteering flag or any other marker. You will need a pen to write down the number on the control feature, and a torch to see it.

Map: 1:10,000 Street Orienteering Map, 10m contours.


Radyr sample mapk