21st Sept SWOC League Gwaelod y Garth

Suitable for all standards. Advice for beginners available.

If you are bringing a large group please let us know (entries@swoc.org.uk)  in advance otherwise it is entry on the day.

You can download an on the day entry form here to save you time.


Yellow, Orange and Green courses on a normal 1:10,000 map.

Blue course on a 'pathless' map.

Registration in wide entrance leading to Garth Tyres . Streetmap link.  CF15 9HE
There will be some more additional parking in here and along main road / within Gwaleod-y-Garth village. If parking near registration please do not block the garage entrance as lorries / customers require access during the day.
Start Times 10.30am-12.00pm with courses closing at 1.30pm.
Entry fees: £5 Seniors (£7 for non-BOF members), £2 Juniors.
SI Hire: £1 seniors, free for Juniors

Terrain Notes:  Mainly open runnable woodland with complex old mining contour detail. Some slopes can be slippery in wet conditions so care may be needed when going downhill in such areas as also in the vicinity of ruins where the ground may be uneven.  Some paths are indistinct so take care when using to navigate especially if covered in fallen leaves. 
Elsewhere the forest is mainly runnable deciduous with minimal patches of low undergrowth  which is mostly avoidable.  There are also a few hides across the area which are not mapped.
The area is  popular with dog walkers and cyclists so please take care if you encounter any.