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Welsh Championships Results 2021

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Day 1 Middle – all courses except Brown

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Welsh Champions 2021 list

Park Series 6 Bute Park Results



80 competitors took part in the final round of the Park Series on some fun courses in the park despite having to avoid the dinosaurs who have invaded the park! Congratulations to everyone who ran it has been fantastic to see the improvement of some of the newer members throughout the series.

Thank-you to all of the SWOC members who have volunteered their time to organise/plan/help on the day and also Cardiff Council and Rhondda Cynon Taf Council for permission to use the Parks.

Orienteering continues! Our next events are:

September 11/12th Welsh Championships Weekend near Merthyr (short and junior courses available).

September 15th evening MapRuns resume! An evening 1 hour challenge around the streets, starting off with Cardiff Bay.

October 23rd Saturday, Mynydd Y Gaer nr Bridgend, a great event if you have enjoyed the Park races. Courses for novices/improvers and juniors

Full details of all of the above will be posted up on facebook and the website

Ynysangharad Park Results



We headed north for a slightly soggy round of the park series in Pontypridd. The compact nature of the park meant that there was quite a bit of twisting to get the medium distance in the traffic-free area. Sorry to anyone who got confused by 119 and 120 being the wrong way round, I need to double check the control codes! The long course ventured out into the town and common with some tricky route choices, congratulations to Marcus who was fastest and only two minutes behind the computer optimum time. Finally, penblwydd hapus Dafydd, who decided to celebrate his birthday Orienteering!

Thank you to Mark and Caroline for helping with registration etc and Andrew, Mark, Alice, Marcus, and Mark for collecting the controls and ensuring we didn’t get locked in!

The final round of the Park Series is in a fortnight at Bute Park, Cardiff or if you want to try a non-urban event there is a one hour score on the moorland of Clydach Terrace near Brynmawr on Saturday 21st August entries for both on fabian4


Mynydd Llangynidr Results 24th July 2021

Thank you to everyone who decided to travel to the event despite the uncertain forecast. Some very impressive runs on a challenging area.

Thank you to Laurence, Pete, Tom, Caroline, Nick and Mark for helping. Thanks also to the Commoners and Duke of Beaufort Estate for permission to use this fantastic area. Race photos to follow.

Clare (Planner/Organiser)



16/6/2021 Roath Pk Park Series Results

Thanks to Ann May, Mark Saunders and all of the other helpers.

MIDDLE - with times for compulsory crossings removed                
 1    James   Grant   M35 IND 00:19:33
 2    Alex    Peltor  M14 BAOC    00:21:12
 3    Christopher Raven   M18 SWOC    00:21:36
 4    Anthony Raven   M45 SWOC    00:23:13
 5    Amy Peltor  W40 BAOC    00:23:59
 6    Andrew  Firth   M35 SWOC    00:25:14
 7    John    Mills   M70 SWOC    00:26:50
 8    Jana    Purklava    W55 SWOC    00:27:07
 9    Emily   Peltor  W14 BAOC    00:27:36
 10    Andrew  Raven   M16 SWOC    00:27:46
 11    Anna    Peltor  W16 BAOC    00:28:26
 12    William Morgan  M10 IND 00:28:39
 13    Graham  Tough   M75 SWOC    00:30:04
 14    Jill    Manning W70 SWOC    00:31:33
 15    Peter   Maloney M75 NGOC    00:35:21
 16    Pablo   Nunez   M12 SWOC    00:36:13
 17    Jane    Bush    W60 SWOC    00:36:19
 18    Ausra   Ceglyte W45 Swoc    00:36:25
 19    Sian    Edwards W21 IND 00:41:11
 20    Dave    Grant   M40 IND 00:44:21
     Nigel   Ferrand M65 SWOC    Missing some controls
     Sam & Jamie Jones   M14 Scouts  Missing some controls
 1    Jacob   Haggerty    M12 Scout   00:10:13
 2    Sanjeev Mahavar-Snow    M14 Scout   00:10:16
 3    Bethan  Morgan  W10 IND 00:11:05
 4    Isla    Hughes  W10 Ind 00:12:04
 5    Tommy   Chapple M10 IND 00:12:10
 6    Awstin  Bradford    M14 Scout   00:13:51
 7    Amy Bennett W16 IND 00:14:00
 8    Hannah  Bennett W12 IND 00:14:00
 9    Donal   Halloran    M12 Scout   00:14:38
 10    Vijay   Mahavar-Snow    M12 Scout   00:14:38
 11    Olwen   Watts   W14 Scout   00:14:48
 12    Douglas Innes-Farr  M10 SWOC    00:17:00
 13    Thomas  Clutton M10 SWOC    00:19:29
 14    Spencer Walters M14 Scout   00:20:30
 15    Daniel  Mickels M10 Scout   00:35:13
 16    Morgan  Smith   M10 Scout   00:35:13
 1    Matt    O'Keefe M35 SWOC    00:33:03
 2    Marcus  Pinker  M45 FVO 00:37:05
 3    Ian Mulcahy M21 IND 00:41:08
 4    Tom Foord   M40 SWOC    00:41:21
 5    Gary    Davies  M40 SWOC    00:43:47
 6    David   Powlesland  M21 SWOC    00:45:21
 7    Alice   Bedwell W60  SWOC   00:48:29
 8    Alice   Lovett  W35 MV  00:49:42
 9    Nick    Ashby   M45 SWOC    00:49:43
 10    Duncan  Innes   M55 SWOC    00:51:00
 11    Christine   Farr    W45 SWOC    00:51:05
 12    Saskia  Jones   W20 SWOC    00:53:52
 13    Tim Sands   M70 BOK 00:54:39
 14    Carol   Sands   W70 BOK 00:56:10
 15    Lucie   Parkinson   W21 Ind 00:56:27
 16    Stuart  Sheath  M21 Ind 00:56:28
 17    Camilla Brueton W40 SWOC    00:59:34
 18    Megan   Gorry   W21 SWOC    01:00:07
 19    Peta    Jarvis  W20 LEI 01:10:46
 20    Sian    Regan   W35 IND 01:14:10
 21    Coleen  Manuel  W40 IND 01:14:22
 22    Nicola  Miller  W35 IND 01:14:22
 23    Angela  Bush    W50 IND 01:14:26
 24    Beatrice    Roberts W40 IND 01:15:01
 25    Donna   Grant   W40 IND 01:21:44
 26    Jeremy  Dickson M55 IND Missing some controls
 27    Dafydd  Davies  M45 IND Missing some controls
 28    Richard Carr    M35 IND Missing some controls
 29    Emma    Harris  W35 IND Missing some controls

15/5/2021 Cwm Lickey


Score60 min25 Controls
18001732Matt O’KeefeM35270 p (66:31)
21978730Kerina LakeW40240 p (57:25)
38670602Vanessa LawsonW50240 p (57:30)
48070550John MillsM70210 p (58:37)
5342253Christine FarrW45210 p (59:10)
69071053Roger SteinM65190 p (54:09)
77401200Nick AshbyM45190 p (57:36)
8438205Elisabeth CameronW45190 p (58:59)
92049784Duncan InnesM55170 p (58:30)
10400406Nigel FerrandM65160 p (56:06)
11261876Richard DaviesM60160 p (63:18)
128628657Kevin BushM60150 p (59:19)
138260950Diana McClureW70140 p (58:51)
148657539Jill ManningW70140 p (63:11)
152145567John ParfittM75120 p (49:38)
16401398Aylwen HeptonW10120 p (60:36)
17345516Laurence SnowdenM55110 p (59:28)
181008512Adrian MoirM60100 p (73:47)
198641854Peter RibbansM6090 p (69:18)
20401397Douglas Inner FarrM1070 p (42:40)
218310710Ella MiklausicW1070 p (43:36)
22401395Luke MiklausicM1070 p (43:40)
23247462Alice ParfittW2150 p (55:06)
24401396Dylan MiklausicM1050 p (61:47)
251995108Siobhan LockW2150 p (69:44)
261963308Gill LockW5520 p (50:36)
27345535Rose SnowdenW6010 p (65:45)
288628568Jane BushW600 p (71:34)
292127445Peter MaloneyM750 p (75:28)
9060969Jason HowellM50DNF
414094Tessa LewisW55DNF

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Split times

Score (31)60 min 25 C max 550 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Matt O’Keefe270 p (66:31)125(50 p)123(40 p)122(30 p)124(40 p)120(30 p)119(30 p)118(20 p)114(20 p)112(20 p)107(20 p)
 M35penalty: 70 p7:447:4415:578:1319:443:4725:195:3530:525:3335:004:0837:542:5441:313:3743:131:4249:085:55
 109(20 p)106(10 p)101(10 p)Finish 
2Kerina Lake240 p (57:25)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)115(20 p)113(20 p)114(20 p)117(20 p)118(20 p)119(30 p)120(30 p)
 121(30 p)116(20 p)Finish 
3Vanessa Lawson240 p (57:30)115(20 p)106(10 p)109(20 p)111(20 p)112(20 p)114(20 p)118(20 p)119(30 p)120(30 p)121(30 p)
 116(20 p)Finish 
4John Mills210 p (58:37)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)105(10 p)107(20 p)108(20 p)112(20 p)114(20 p)118(20 p)
 117(20 p)116(20 p)115(20 p)Finish 
5Christine Farr210 p (59:10)116(20 p)119(30 p)120(30 p)123(40 p)118(20 p)114(20 p)113(20 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)101(10 p)
6Roger Stein190 p (54:09)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)109(20 p)108(20 p)107(20 p)112(20 p)114(20 p)113(20 p)117(20 p)
 115(20 p)Finish 
7Nick Ashby190 p (57:36)116(20 p)121(30 p)120(30 p)119(30 p)118(20 p)117(20 p)115(20 p)106(10 p)101(10 p)Finish 
8Elisabeth Cameron190 p (58:59)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)110(20 p)105(10 p)107(20 p)112(20 p)114(20 p)118(20 p)
 116(20 p)115(20 p)Finish 
9Duncan Innes170 p (58:30)125(50 p)123(40 p)120(30 p)119(30 p)115(20 p)Finish 
10Nigel Ferrand160 p (56:06)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)105(10 p)107(20 p)108(20 p)109(20 p)113(20 p)
 116(20 p)Finish 
11Richard Davies160 p (63:18)125(50 p)121(30 p)123(40 p)122(30 p)120(30 p)117(20 p)Finish 
 M60penalty: 40 p9:459:4519:189:3328:519:3335:346:4340:395:0556:3715:5863:186:41
12Kevin Bush150 p (59:19)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)111(20 p)109(20 p)113(20 p)118(20 p)117(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
13Diana McClure140 p (58:51)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)105(10 p)107(20 p)108(20 p)109(20 p)113(20 p)106(10 p)
14Jill Manning140 p (63:11)116(20 p)121(30 p)119(30 p)118(20 p)117(20 p)113(20 p)114(20 p)102(10 p)101(10 p)Finish 
 W70penalty: 40 p7:187:1815:428:2421:105:2823:322:2228:455:1333:274:4238:094:4259:5521:4661:582:0363:111:13
15John Parfitt120 p (49:38)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)103(10 p)109(20 p)113(20 p)115(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
16Aylwen Hepton120 p (60:36)101(10 p)102(10 p)105(10 p)104(10 p)110(20 p)103(10 p)109(20 p)111(20 p)108(20 p)Finish 
 W10penalty: 10 p2:432:435:162:3317:4112:2519:562:1523:413:4532:258:4437:455:2043:315:4650:036:3260:3610:33
17Laurence Snowden110 p (59:28)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)107(20 p)105(10 p)110(20 p)104(10 p)115(20 p)Finish 
18Adrian Moir100 p (73:47)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)109(20 p)111(20 p)108(20 p)107(20 p)112(20 p)114(20 p)118(20 p)
 M60penalty: 140 p2:222:224:081:466:502:4210:544:0413:222:2818:545:3221:432:4927:496:0632:495:0037:464:57
 119(30 p)117(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
19Peter Ribbans90 p (69:18)116(20 p)121(30 p)119(30 p)120(30 p)118(20 p)114(20 p)113(20 p)106(10 p)101(10 p)Finish 
 M60penalty: 100 p5:525:5222:5317:0128:485:5534:395:5145:5711:1851:065:0959:027:5665:276:2568:112:4469:181:07
20Douglas Inner Farr70 p (42:40)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)115(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
21Ella Miklausic70 p (43:36)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)115(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
22Luke Miklausic70 p (43:40)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)115(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
23Alice Parfitt50 p (55:06)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)107(20 p)Finish 
24Dylan Miklausic50 p (61:47)101(10 p)102(10 p)106(10 p)115(20 p)116(20 p)Finish 
 M10penalty: 20 p3:563:5611:027:0620:369:3433:3913:0346:2912:5061:4715:18
25Siobhan Lock50 p (69:44)116(20 p)123(40 p)119(30 p)118(20 p)114(20 p)113(20 p)Finish 
 W21penalty: 100 p6:376:3734:5428:1746:2211:2850:434:2154:183:3559:134:5569:4410:31
26Gill Lock20 p (50:36)116(20 p)Finish 
27Rose Snowden10 p (65:45)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)105(10 p)107(20 p)Finish 
 W60penalty: 60 p2:172:174:512:348:043:1312:294:2516:083:3924:368:2865:4541:09
28Jane Bush0 p (71:34)116(20 p)118(20 p)114(20 p)108(20 p)101(10 p)Finish 
 W60penalty: 90 p10:2610:2634:3724:1140:556:1855:2714:3269:5914:3271:341:35
29Peter Maloney0 p (75:28)101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)105(10 p)108(20 p)Finish 
 M75penalty: 70 p2:272:275:333:069:554:2225:3615:4128:182:4249:1720:5975:2826:11
Jason HowellDNF116(20 p)125(50 p)121(30 p)123(40 p)122(30 p)120(30 p)119(30 p)118(20 p)112(20 p)114(20 p)
 117(20 p)115(20 p)Finish 
Tessa LewisDNF101(10 p)102(10 p)103(10 p)104(10 p)110(20 p)105(10 p)107(20 p)Finish 

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