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Wed 6th Jul Cardiff Park Series 5 Forest Farm

These fun events are suitable for all – including complete beginners up to experienced orienteers children and families.

There is no set route you will need to find your way between a series of checkpoints shown on the map. With three course distances to choose from there is something for everyone. You can walk or run on your own or as a team/family.

One of our friendly volunteers will be on hand to offer help and guidance for those new to the sport.

VENUE; Forest Farm nature reserve



Registration location Picnic area/Parking off Forest Farm Road

Registration 5.30pm Starts 6.00-7.00pm Courses close 8.00pm


Easily accessible by walking or bike – bikes can be safely left at registration. Car parking is free but limited.


Short – usually about 2km easy for beginners and juniors traffic free

Medium – 3km junior improvers and novice adults traffic free

Long – 6km more challenging navigation you will need to choose the best route between checkpoints. Ventures beyond the park boundary onto nearby streets and 2 nearby parks. Over 16s only on this course.


Pre-entry preferred via Fabian4 – enter just 1 or all remaining events. Pre-entry is cheaper. To guarantee a map please enter in advance. Limited entry on the day but course not guaranteed.

Junior members & non-members £2

Senior non-members £6

Senior members £4

Electronic timing chip hire (SportIdent) – free

Entry on the day is +£1 Juniors & +£2 Seniors (subject to map availability). Card payment preferred.

One entry gives you a map and electronic timing chip.

Accompanied children – If you are an adult accompanying a child you do not need to enter yourself unless you would like a separate map/chip.

Families – Families wishing to go around together sharing one electronic timing chip should enter 1 adult only and specify the names of the other family members in the special request box in step 3 of the Fabian4 entry process. One map is included in the adult entry fee. Extra maps can be ordered for the other family members in step 3 too.


Will be on the club website ( and ‘South Wales Orienteering’ Facebook page

Events will contribute to the overall series with presentations at the final round.


All of our events are planned and organised by volunteers. Free entry is available for those who are willing to help out on the day. Full instruction will be provided. If you are able to do so, before signing up to enter, email welfare @ or send a message on facebook to let us know you can help, and ask for the helper discount code that you can apply when entering.


A risk assessment has been completed, and a copy will be held at Registration. All runners are responsible for their own safety when crossing roads and using paths and alleyways. You must be aware of other park users and take care to avoid collisions particularly when ‘head down’ looking at the map.


You are welcome to take photographs or record video at this event, but please respect people’s privacy. Photographs may be posted on the club website and facebook for publicity. If there are particular reasons why an individual should not be photographed, please discuss the issue with the organiser in advance of the event. Report any concerns about inappropriate photography to the event organiser.

2022/2023 Winter Maprun League

Details for all rounds

You have 60 minutes, and a map with 25 checkpoints to visit. Your goal is to score points by visiting checkpoints. Score as many points as you can, and get back to the start within the time limit.

You can choose which checkpoints to visit, in any order, via any route. Speed is an advantage, but the fastest runner won’t necessarily come out on top. It’ll take smart planning to find the shortest route worth the most points.

Download the MapRun6 app to your phone to use as your timing chip and record your checkpoint visits, load the event using the app. We will provide you with the specially prepared map at the start.

DateAreaStart locationNotes

Mass start at 7 pm, there will be a briefing from the organiser at 6.55 however if you are new we recommend arriving early to ask any questions.

ENTRIES: Online at Fabian4. You can enter up until 6.55pm on the night (through fabian4) subject to map availability.

FEES – £3 Adults, (+£2 non-British Orienteering members), £1 U16 . U16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times who will also have to enter the event.

Enter Online

BRING – phone, torch, pen and hi viz to wear. Some paths may be muddy and slippery.

You will need a smartphone with the Maprun6 app or Garmin watch with Maprun6 installed, this is best done at home.

You will need to register with simple details. Then open the app and download the event. SWOC winter mapruns are in the folder UK/Wales/South Wales/2021. All you have to do on the night is identify yourself to the organiser, collect your map and start.

There is a guide to using MapRun here.

SAFETY- You take part at your own risk, you will be running/walking on public streets/paths with traffic. You MUST use crossing points where available to cross roads and stop, look and listen! Please be mindful of personal space/social distancing particularly at the start/finish of your run.

ACCESSIBILITY – We have previously had competitors enjoy these events using wheelchair/mobility scooter. Send us a message in advance and we can provide an annotated map with key obstacles (stairs/narrow gates) highlighted.

Detailed instructions:

You have 60 minutes, and a map with 30 checkpoints to visit.
Your goal: to score points by visiting checkpoints. Score as many points as you can, and get back to the start within the time limit.
You can choose which checkpoints to visit, in any order, via any route.
Checkpoints are mixture of road junctions and path junctions and have between 10 and 30 points awarded. Controls 1 – 10 are worth 10 pts, 11 – 20, 20 pts , 21 – 30 are 30pts . Penalties for being late back are 10pts per minute !!!
The event is timed and checkpoint visits recorded using the MapRun6 app. It helps to download the app and the event beforehand but we can provide full instructions before you start.