Winter of Wellbeing Cyfarthfa Results

Wow it was chilly at the start but you soon warmed up when you got moving. It was fantastic to see so many newcomers having fun and finding so many control points.

Congratulations to Tom Foord who collected all points in 29minutes, Andrew Raven first junior and first female Christine Farr (fifth overall).

Thank you to Mark, Clem, Duncan and Anthony for helping on the day. Wellbeing Merthyr for permission to use the park and the Outdoor Parnership for securing the Winter of Wellbeing funding.

See you all at Parc Penallta on 22nd January


Split times and checkpoints visited here

Winter of Wellbeing Cyfarthfa Park, Results

One Hour Challenge 60 min24 Controls
18190678Tom Foord Senior SWOC240 p (29:07)
28712019Tony UdrisSenior South Yorkshire Orienteers240 p (34:09)
38680543Andrew Raven Junior SWOC240 p (34:45)
48680544Christopher Raven Junior SWOC240 p (38:05)
5342253Christine Farr Senior SWOC240 p (38:53)
62049784Duncan Innes Senior SWOC240 p (39:07)
78030201Saskia Jones Senior240 p (39:18)
8438205Beth Cameron Senior NGOC240 p (48:52)
98628657Kevin Bush Senior SWOC240 p (49:34)
108657539Jill Manning Senior SWOC240 p (52:16)
112097492Lucy Hammond Senior240 p (53:29)
128667906Anthony Raven Senior SWOC240 p (53:47)
13401392Scott Kilbey Senior240 p (54:31)
148667906Anthony Raven Senior SWOC230 p (42:55)
158641854Peter RibbansSenior SWOC230 p (45:53)
16439060Jeremy DicksonSenior SWOC230 p (55:22)
17401395Kelly Rowe Senior226 p (63:22)
18401394Rhian Astley Senior226 p (63:26)
19401391Rachel Flint Senior219 p (60:12)
202097493Ian Standen Senior210 p (58:23)
21439061Caroline Tinsley Senior210 p (58:40)
222097483John SeawardSenior SWOC200 p (44:16)
23401401Donal Halloran Junior190 p (56:08)
24401408Vijay Mahavar-Snow Junior190 p (56:13)
25401410sion rowlands Senior190 p (59:44)
26401405hari rowlands Junior190 p (59:50)
278628568Jane Bush Senior SWOC189 p (60:47)
28439064Rose Cameron Junior NGOC180 p (57:44)
29333757Chris Burguess Senior 180 p (58:27)
30439056Richard Munn Senior180 p (59:52)
31439058Osian Munn Junior180 p (59:55)
32439059Emma Raven Junior170 p (39:35)
33401407Sanjeev Mahavar-Snow Junior170 p (39:41)
34401403nia rowlands Senior170 p (55:38)
35439051Daniel Bufton Senior170 p (55:39)
36401404daniel rowlands Junior170 p (55:40)
37439052George Bufton Junior170 p (55:48)
=2097500Elizabeth Bufton Junior170 p (55:48)
39439054Charlotte Bufton Junior170 p (56:05)
402097488Elin Merrifield Junior169 p (60:39)
412097489George Merrifield Junior167 p (62:23)
422097487Carys Merrifield Senior167 p (62:45)
=2097486James Merrifield Senior167 p (62:45)
44439065Francis Cameron Junior NGOC160 p (56:33)
45439068Richard Appleford Senior160 p (56:58)
46439066Ceridwen Boon Senior160 p (57:04)
47439070Evie Appleford Junior160 p (57:07)
482097490Jacob Haggerty Junior150 p (54:27)
49401397Rose Norris Junior140 p (58:48)
50401396Kevin Norris Senior140 p (58:49)
51439057Zac Munn Junior137 p (62:49)
52439055Bethan Collins Junior137 p (62:53)
53401390Anna Jones Junior90 p (36:12)
542097496Matt Webley Senior90 p (57:43)
552097495Ali Webley Senior90 p (57:44)
562097497Luna Webley Junior90 p (57:50)
572097498Bodhi Webley Junior90 p (58:06)
582097485Samuel Towie-Finney Junior50 p (30:38)
=2097484Samuel Towie-Finney Junior50 p (30:38)
60439053Alfie Bufton Junior50 p (179:33)