Bryngarw Winter of Wellbeing 5th Feb 22 Event Report

Over 70 participants joined us at Bryngarw Country Park on a blustery Saturday morning for a “one hour challenge”. Checkpoints were scattered throughout the park with lots on the paths and a few tricky ones in the woods to test your skills.

It was great to see so many happy faces and some very impressive results from many people who were trying Orienteering for the first time!

Marcus Pinker was first overall and visited all checkpoints in just under 25 minutes! Eleven competitors visited all the controls, special mention to juniors Rhys Potts and Tomos O’Connor who were trying Orienteering for the first time.

Another special mention to John Seaward who decided to compete pushing a buggy and was spotted lifting it over fallen trees to reach number 22!

Pictures from today are on the club facebook page.

Thank you to the fantastic club members who gave up their Saturday’s to help out; Christine, Duncan, Kevin, Jane, Clem, Marcus, Anthony, Christopher and Mark.

This was the first time we have used the park for Orienteering and we hope to return soon. Many thanks to The Awen Trust for permission and The Outdoors Partnership who helped us secure the funds to enable free entries for under 25’s.

Our next WOW event is at Caerphilly Mountain on February 20th followed by Llantrisant Forest on March 12th. Entries for both events are now open on Fabian4.

Thank you all for coming

Clare (Organiser)

Overall Results

Split times (what order controls were visited) click here

One Hour Challenge60 min26 Controls
18428248Marcus PinkerFVO Senior260 p (24:58)
22049784Duncan InnesSWOC Senior260 p (38:58)
37401200Nick AshbySWOC Senior260 p (39:37)
4342253Christine FarrSWOC Senior260 p (39:51)
58680544Christopher RavenSWOC Junior260 p (42:32)
68667906Anthony RavenSWOC Senior260 p (43:17)
78641854Peter RibbansSWOC Senior260 p (47:57)
8439064Jana PurklavaSWOC Senior260 p (48:33)
9200306Ainis PirtnieksSWOC Senior260 p (48:39)
10439066Rhys PottsJunior260 p (53:28)
112097497Tomos O’ConnorJunior260 p (54:13)
128190649John van RooyenSenior250 p (46:41)
132097485Ian StandenSenior250 p (52:45)
142097484Lucy HammondSenior250 p (52:47)
=9200894Rachel FlintSenior250 p (52:47)
162097486Caroline TinsleySenior250 p (52:49)
172097499Megan DaleSenior250 p (54:27)
18439065Gwen PottsJunior230 p (56:45)
192097500Rosa &SerenJunior220 p (53:26)
202097498Jasmine PilbeamSenior214 p (60:44)
21401394Donnal HalloranJunior200 p (54:22)
22401395Vijay Mahavar-SnowJunior200 p (55:11)
23439059Nathan LewisJunior190 p (55:59)
242097488Benjamin JenkinsJunior190 p (57:34)
252097483Daniel JenkinsJunior190 p (57:39)
262097495Laura & Matthew ParkesSenior180 p (57:41)
27439056Lydia OrchardJunior170 p (55:24)
28439057Sioned OrchardJunior170 p (56:03)
29439053Iolo HarveyJunior170 p (56:23)
30401403Evyn RobertsJunior170 p (56:30)
31439058Lucy OrchardJunior170 p (57:30)
32401409John SeawardSWOC Senior170 p (57:38)
33235542Laura YoungJunior164 p (60:14)
34439055Angharad OrchardJunior160 p (56:00)
3533074Aaditya UdiawarJunior160 p (58:01)
36401401Lathika UdiawarJunior160 p (58:38)
37401399JackJunior156 p (68:50)
38401396DylanJunior156 p (68:57)
39401405Kat AngellJunior152 p (62:03)
40401404Choi JamesJunior152 p (62:10)
=439051Katie WatsonJunior152 p (62:10)
42401408Henry AngellJunior152 p (62:40)
43401407Kallie WatsonJunior152 p (62:49)
44439060Iolo MorrisJunior150 p (51:43)
45401391Arthur BannisterJunior150 p (55:11)
46401392Maisie BannisterJunior150 p (55:16)
47401397EllisJunior150 p (69:04)
48401410Noah MooreJunior140 p (56:25)
49439061Ava GreensladeJunior130 p (50:00)
502097487Gabriel BatesJunior120 p (50:27)
51401411Euan MooreJunior120 p (53:40)
52401413Oliver JonesJunior120 p (57:44)
53401412Cayden JonesJunior120 p (57:49)
54439063Isabel BurleyJunior100 p (57:27)
55439070Caitlin LewisJunior90 p (45:23)
56203394Jacob BestJunior90 p (58:21)
57401398BrandonJunior90 p (59:58)
589102792BraydonJunior90 p (59:59)
59401390Will LawlessJunior68 p (66:08)
60401389Sam LawlessJunior62 p (67:20)