18/06/2022 Merthyr Common Results

Well done everyone for competing on a very challenging area in very challenging conditions. Unfortunately, Orange, Green and Blue courses were affected by two controls where I lost the SI boxes while putting out controls. I later replaced the boxes with incorrectly numbered boxes, which, in retrospect, created further confusion and was not the best decision, especially as many of you received incorrect information. I apologise for this, and hope it did not spoil your run too much – Matt.

Many thanks to Matt for planning , John and Jane for running the start  and Graham the download.

Splits – here.

Merthyr Common – Results
Merthyr CommonSat 18/06/2022 18:39
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Blue (20)6.9 km 130 m10 C
1Marcus PinkerFVOBlue54:19
2Mark SaundersBOKBlue75:05
3Robert ElstonUBOCBlue76:09
4Ifor PowellBOKBlue80:46
4Daniel WeaverUBOCBlue80:46
6Bethan IrwinSBOCBlue86:42
7Gareth IrwinSBOCBlue95:43
8Charles DanielBOKBlue97:27
9Andy RimesQOBlue99:15
10Alice BedwellBOKBlue100:58
11David HarperDEVONBlue101:52
12Vanessa LawsonNGOCBlue110:57
13Reuben LawsonNGOCBlue111:36
14Rob WoodsRAFOBlue113:35
15Doug WilsonNGOCBlue118:11
John SimmonsBOKBluednf
Richard CroninNGOCBluednf
Christine FarrSWOCBluednf
Duncan InnesSWOCBluednf
Alison SimmonsBOKBluednf
Green (19)4.9 km 110 m7 C
1Cerys ManningMDOCGreen72:07
2Anthony RavenSWOCGreen84:33
Alan RichardsNGOCGreenmp
Seth LawsonNGOCGreenmp
Jill ManningSWOCGreenmp
Malcolm LyonTVOCGreenmp
Trevor GriffithsBOKGreenmp
Roger SteinSBOCGreenmp
Sue HandsWIMGreenmp
Rosie WychQOGreenmp
Kate BosherUBOCGreenmp
Andrew RavenSWOCGreenmp
Pat MacLeodNGOCGreenmp
Ted McDonaldBOKGreenmp
Nigel FerrandSWOCGreenmp
Robin IrwinSBOCGreenmp
Tania MilnesSROCGreenmp
Rachel DennisBOKGreenmp
Nick DennisBOKGreenmp
Orange (3)3.2 km 60 m7 C
Jade FinchINDOrangemp
Sage EllisINDOrangemp
Jane FinchINDOrangemp
Yellow (1)2.6 km 45 m9 C
1Tristan ManningMDOCYellow58:47