13/7/2011 – Results Summer Event 5 – Mynydd Llangatwg

13 July 2011 – Results Summer Event 5 – Mynydd Llangatwg.


Thanks to all who entered. Apologies for incorrect control code at 108. Two si units were faulty which meant replacements were placed at very short notice.


Great to see entries from Cornwall and Hampshire!
The mini printer ran out of paper and I could not find a spare at the time so waiting for print out for Tessa and Tim.  Annemieke took all equipment for next event and will provide missing results when she replaces printer roll.
Many thanks to Tim, David and Annemieke for collecting controls.

Results  July 13 2011




Jenny Lewis 67.40
Short Blue
Frank Ince 45.42
Graham Tough  59.46
Peter Ribbans 65.34
Sue Colbert 76.46
Alan MacKenzie 80.08
Kate Balmond 82.86
Mark Saunders 40.09
James Clemence 41.34
David May 52.54
Alice Bedwell 53.13
David Watkins (BADO) 53.49
Annemieke Silk 55.30
Nigel Ferrand 58.11
John Mills 61.35
Peter Colbert 73.05
Tim Andrews (KERNO) 80.02
Tessa lewis 82.12