29 June 11 – Caldicot Summer Event Results

29 June 11 – Caldicot Castle – Results

Caldicot Castle Summer Event 4 – Results


Thank you for everyone for coming. I hope the beginners enjoyed themselves and the advanced had a positive experience with the Norwegian exercise. As a memory exercise it is meant to make you pick your attack points more carefully. Hopefully good practise for the real thing.


Apologies for some of the SI dibber units going missing, despite a few red herrings, all the maps managed to stay out for the duration of the course.  Thanks to Bob and George finding some of the  “slung away” SI units. From a potential of losing 5 in the end we only lost 1. Also a big O sign went missing too… Go figure!


If anyone lost a Doberman pincher, a man came to me after the event and said he found one….


If anyone like to come again then please check website regularly or join our facebook page for regular updates to your facebook account. 


Mark Andrews (organiser – mark.t.andrews (at) btinternet.com)


Beginners (Yellow)

1) Oliver Andrews (with Dad)                          24:04

2) Luke Andrews (with Dad)                            24:11

3) Jasmine Andrews (with Mum)                    24:46

4) Tom and Ben Lewsey (on their own)         39:00 – great results boys!




1)  John Mills                                      44:03

2)  Duncan Innes                               46:34

3)  Pete Colbert                                  49:29

4)  The Morgan’s                                56:08

5)  Christine Farr                                57:44

6)  Bob Teed                                        1:02:11

7)  Tim Andrews                                 1:03:25

8)  Ian Kennett                                     1:05:48

9)  Peter Baker                                    1:15:42

10) Sue Colbert                                   1:18:02

11) Martin and Sarah Jeers              1:21:04

12) George Thomas                           1:41:28


Dave May – DNF – had to run off for a meeting! (sorry about late start, caused by early vandals)

Angela McCarthy -1:14:56 – DNF

Isabelle Thomas – 47:51 – DNF



Caldicot Castle