27/12/11 Xmas Score Pontcanna

27/12/2011  Pontcanna Xmas Score.

Thank you all for coming; with a good turn out it makes the time and effort worth while.

I had 31 entries by noon on Monday so had 50 maps printed thinking 66% extra would suffice; late that evening another 11 entries arrived. Fortunately for unannounced on-the-day entrants Nick had got more maps printed that morning, without which we would not have had enough maps for you all.

The format, which I borrowed from Duncan Innes, allowed me to put on a course in the easy terrain which kept the fit runners occupied for the hour, a little more in some cases.

Two competitors, Mark Saunders and Paul Gebbett managed to visit all controls and pick up the maximum number of bonus points, but paid a time penalty. They were beaten into 4th and 5th places by Nick, Clem and Richard who decided to forgo a few points to avoid (or minimise) their time penalty.

Apologies for the mal-functioning control M1 (unit number 172); I can assure you it gave me more problems than it gave you. I think I have credited all those who did visit the unit but got response, see Updated Control Visited spreadsheet.

I trust the absence of stakes/flags didn’t cause any problems – it saved me carrying around a lot of extra equipment and meant the units were less prone to any potential vandalism.

Thanks to Nick for handling registration and Clem for collecting in many controls.

  Graham Tough

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