22 June 2011 – Blorenge event – Results Summer Event

22 June 2011 – Blorenge event – Results Summer Event


Results from Weds event.


Review from Caroline Dallimore:-

Thanks to Rhodri for putting on an interesting event on Wednesday, fortunately the rain had cleared by the evening. Registration was in Rhodri’s front garden and refreshments were provided for early arrivals!

 Rhodri had arranged the courses so that the first part was on the moor and the second half was a sprint event around the streets of Blaenavon. Personally I found the moorland tricky as I was accompanied by Harry the hound who despite his long legs found the heather slow going. Navigation wise it was great to get in some practice before the 6 Day. Luckily Nick walked up to the start of the street section so I could ditch Harry and concentrate fully. Blaenavon is a great place for a street event, there are so many little alley ways offering lots of route choice and short cuts. A great way to spend an evening!

1) James Clemence 50.48
2) Nick Dallimore 51.10
3) Mark Saunders 55.31
4) Duncan Innes 63.53
5) Fraser Stevens 65.06
6) Alice Bedwell 65.16
7) Nigel Ferrand 65.33 (Missing a few controls)
8) John Mills 75.26
9) Gill Manning 76.27
10) Caroline Dallimore 82.50 ( Missing 1 control)
11) Tim Stanbury 85.18 (Missing one control)
1) Ian Kennett 47.57
2) Chris Farr 58.56
3) Linda Bakker 63.44
4) Kate + Torrin 89.43
5) Angela Macarthy 90.28 (Missing a few controls I think)
6) Isabella Thomas 90.30 (Missing a few controls I think)