March 3rd Welsh Championships Pwll Du nr Blaenavon.

OrganiserPeter Ribbans ribbo57 @
LocationPwll Du What 3 words Grid ref SO235099 Nearest Postcode NP4 9SG
Event type / Area descriptionWelsh Championships Pwll Du consists of open upland mining terrain lying between 400m and 500m. There are many spoil heaps and other distinct earthworks, but equally as many less distinct features. The majority of the area has been mapped as rough open. This is generally very runnable with some denser heather in the east. In this area in particular there are large areas of bare mining spoil which offers good to very good running. So that the map is as clear as possible these areas are represented by the brown normally used to represent parking areas rather than sandy ground as competitors may expect.
MapScale 1:10,000 Map revised in 2021 for the JK in 2022.
The map is printed on waterproof paper.
Punching typeSport Ident punching will be used in Air mode. Competitors will need to punch the start and finish however.
ParkingCar parking is at the Blaenavon Furnace Sidings on the Pontypool and Blaenavon railway. What 3 words
We are just off the B4248 at Garn-yr-Erw between Brynmawr and Blaenavon. Please use postcode NP4 9SF for satnavs and mobile devices. This will lead you to the junction of the B4248 and the road leading to the Garn Lakes and the railway, go down this road until you reach our Furnace Sidings station car park. The road is signed using the tourist information brown steam train icon.
Parking at Blaenavon’s Heritage Railway is provided for visitors to the Railway and any other authorised party (subject to prior agreement with the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway Company (1983) Ltd (PBR)). The PBR accepts no liability for any loss, damage or theft of vehicles or any personal belongings left within the vehicles. All visitors park their vehicle at their own risk.
ToiletsToilets are along the railway platform next to the car park. No toilets at either the start or finish.
CateringThe Fireman’s Shovel Tearoom will be open between 11.30 and 14.00 for drinks and light snacks. Please give them your support.
DogsThe competition area may have sheep and other livestock present so dogs are allowed only in the car park.
Entries & FeesEntries online from early January 2024 only via Fabian4.

Early bird until Saturday 10th Feb £12 senior member £15 senior non-member £6 junior/student member £7 junior/student non member

Standard entry until Saturday 24th Feb £14 senior member £17 senior non-member £7 junior/student member £8 junior/student non member

Late entry (subject to map availability but not eligible for the Welsh Championships) until Friday 1st March. £16 senior member £19 senior non-member £8 junior/student member £9 junior/student non member

Seniors on the Orange and Yellow courses to be charged at junior rate.

If you are eligible to enter the Welsh Championships please do so by age class (not colour) and set the country code on Fabian4 to CYM.

Dibber hire £1 senior – junior free. No SIAC enabled dibbers available for hire.

Enter Online
CoursesAll age classes from M/W10A to M/W90L. No specific B or short courses are being offered, so if you wish to run anything different to the course shown for your age class please enter the appropriate colour course.
Course combinations and lengths are shown in the table below.
All course lengths subject to final controlling.
Start & FinishThe finish is approximately 1km and 40m climb from the car park. This crosses the relatively busy B4248. See the diagram below. Please only cross at the designed point and follow the marshal’s instructions. The start is a further 200m from the finish. Start times between 1030 and 1230.
Call up is at -3 minutes. Loose control  descriptions and blank maps will be available in the start lanes.
Maps will not be collected at the finish or at download. It is your responsibility not to show your map to anyone who has yet to start.
Start times will be available on Fabian4 by the end of Tuesday 27th February.
Trophy EligibilityAn orienteer must be a member of WOA at the date of closure of normal entry to the championships and also on the date that the championships are held in order to be eligible for trophies and mementoes and comply with at least one of the following criteria: Birth- either self or one parent born in Wales Residence- at least one year’s current permanent residence in Wales. Full details can be found at
Safety and COVID regulationsPwll Du is an elevated open area. The weather conditions could potentially be poor. There may be an on the day requirement to carry a waterproof hooded garment. If so notices to that effect will be displayed on the exit from the car park and will be monitored by the start team. Whistles are not compulsory but are strongly advised.
In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to postpone or cancel the event. If this happens competitors will be notified by email and the website will be updated as soon as a decision is made.
Please make sure that you have read the following covid regulations before you run.
OfficialsOrganiser – Pete Ribbans (SWOC) Planner – Laurence Snowden (SWOC) Controller – Alice Bedwell (BOK)
ThanksMany thanks to the following. The Duke of Beauforts Estate and Walters Mining for permission to use the competition area. Blorenge Commoners Pontypool and Blaenavon railway for use of the car parking and toilets. The Fireman’s Shovel Tearoom
CourseChampionship ClassesLengthClimbControls
BrownM20, M35, M40, W219.2k245m15
Short BrownM18, M45, M50, W20, W357.5k220m14
BlueM16, M55, M60, W18, W40,W456.3k235m12
Short BlueM65, M70, W16, W50, W555.2k225m10
GreenM75, W60, W654.5k115m13
Short GreenM80, W703.5k105m11
Very Short GreenM85, W75, W80, W852.8k90m8
Light GreenM14, W143.2k70m11
OrangeM12, W122.7k50m11
YellowM10, W102.3k50m11

Issue 5 23/2/24