18th May 2013 – Coed Cefn -Pwll-Du, Draethen

Carys Lock W10 SBOC 24:21
Vera Ruddock W21 IND 54:41
Anna Ruddock W10 IND 55:03
Michelle Dunne+3 W21 IND 60:24 wrong c2
Short Green
Caitlin Pearson W21 IND 74:10
Sarah Jones W45 SWOC 95:48
Sue Colbert W65 SWOC retired
Siobhan Lock W14 SBOC retired
Nigel Ferrand M55 SWOC retired hurt
Nick Dallimore M55 SWOC 63:00
Christine Farr W35 SWOC 73:19
Jeff Bryant M55 SWOC 110:22
John Mills M60 SWOC 81:15 missed c5
Duncan Innes M50 BOK retired
Noelle Bryant W55 SWOC retired
Tessa Lewis W45 SWOC retired
Jeremy Parr M45 SWOC retired


The area obviously defeated many of you. Features that were quite clear on my master print, are difficult to distinguish on the copies.
Control 145 on  Short Green and Green was about 20m from and a few metres above correct platform. The light was fading when I put it out.
I located control 149 from two directions, but added its adjacent distinct tree to the map as assistance. However, the problems several of you had suggest it needs re-checking.

Apologies, but I hope you enjoyed the bluebells.

Pete Colbert