Llantrisant Forest Local Event 10/10/2015

Llantrisant Forest Local Event 10/10/2015


Name Age Class Club Time
1 Richard Cronin M21 NGOC 49.57
2 Alun McCall M45 NGOC 62.03
3 Judith Austerburry W40 NGOC 63.44
4 Nick Silk M45 SWOC 66.17
5 Kevin Bush M55 SWOC 67.44
6 Pete Havard (nc) M65 SWOC 69.16
7 Annemieke Silk W45 SWOC 69.42
8 Jill Manning W65 SWOC 82.45
9 John Mills M65 SWOC 90.02
10 Richard Jones M45 SWOC 94.17
11 Pete Ribbans M55 SWOC 94.55
12 Jeff Bryant M55 SWOC 100.25
13 Jayne Bush W55 SWOC 108.06
Siobhan Lock W16 SBOC dnf
Gill Lock W50 SBOC dnf
Light Green
1 Graham Tough M70 SWOC 66.19
2 Roger Davies M55 Ind 81.39
1 Thomas Betts (with help from Dad) M12 Ind 31.09
2 Carys Sharpe W10 TVOC 32.44
3 Alex Betts M14 ind 34.31
4 Anna Dickson and dad W10 SWOC 36.21
5 Carl Seaman M45 Ind 38.06
Ella Rush W10 BOK 21.13

Organisers Comments

Hope you all enjoyed the event. Seemed to plenty of talk on route choices after the event

Thanks to Pete Havard for helping to put out controls on Friday afternoon and Nick Dalimore, Annemieike Silk and Pete Ribbans for collecting in after.

Good to see some new faces and look forward to you again at our next events, a street race on 21 October and a forest event at Castle Coch on 7 November.

Will try and put up Route Gadget tomorrow (Monday).