22nd June 2016, Wed, Bute Park Results

Cardiff Park Series 3 Bute Park 22.6.16


Name Club Age class Time
Dafydd Pratchett Ind M12 15.00
Yogi Scouts 15.44
Alex & Andrew Scouts 16.08
Max and Ceri Davies Ind M9 16.24
James & Rachel Wetherill Ind M9 18.22
Barnaby & Harry Scouts 19.19
Sophie & Stuart Wetherill Ind W7 21.28
Isabella Scouts 22.51
Oliver & Dafydd Scouts 23.48
Rebecca & Ffion Scouts 28.4
Ruben & James Scouts Lost dibber dnf



Nick Dallimore SWOC M60 24.21
Dave Notton Ind 31.56
Caroil Sands BASOC 34.56
Tim Sands BASOC 37.30
Sue Colbert SWOC W65 49.48
Dafydd Pratchet Ind M12 50.19
Caroline James SWOC 50.25
Anne May SWOC 53.30
Chris & harrison Scouts 54.13



Marcus Pinker SWOC M35 33.32
Ake Fagereng SWOC 34.43
Martyn Driscoll ind M21 38.3
Simon Denman NGOC 39.18
Richard Cronin NGOC M21 39.34
Gary Davies SWOC 41.15
Christine Farr SWOC W40 45.58
Alice Bedwell SWOC W55 46.11
Duncan Innes SWOC M50 46.11
David May SWOC M70 46.51
Simon James SWOC M50 47.11
Haydn Griffiths SWOC 47.35
Caroline dallimore SWOC W60 50.26
John Mills SWOC M65 50.42
Pete Havard SWOC M65 54.30
Pete Colbert SWOC M65 58.30


Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Good to see so many, including the scouts from Caerphilly. There were some good battles on all the courses. Dafydd successfully completed both the novice and the medium courses. Thanks for all the help from those who attended.  Particularly Mark Saunders who helped put out the controls and then did registration and all those who collected controls, helped the novices and managed to pack the tent away.  The next event is Roath Park on the 29 June.  Hope to see you all there.