15/01/2020 Whitchurch Maprun

Thanks to Alan Stone for planning and organising tonights MapRun. The record breaking entry meant maps were a bit tight and we will have to up our print run for the next event which is Wed 19th Feb in Cardiff Bay.
I have added missing controls due to GPS issues for Mark Ponsford, Alice Bedwell, Lewis S, David Powlesland, Matt Whipple, Daniel Portlock, Andrew Mason and not least Marcus Pinker whose result wouldn’t upload but whose track gave him a winning score of 550.
Results here – http://www.p.fne.com.au/rg/cgi-bin/SelectResultFileForSplitsBrowserFiltered.cgi?act=fileToSplitsBrowser&eventName=ScoreResults_WhitchurchPZ1915012020%2520PXAS%2520ScoreN60.csv