Cardiff MapRun League Results with 1 race to go

MapRun League results after 5 races with 1 race to go. Best 4 results. Only those with at least 3 results are included here. 75 different people have participated in at least 1 event. Next and final race of this series St Mellons Wed 18th March.

Handicap Results
RadyrFairwaterPentwynLlanishenWhitchurchCardiff BayBest 4 Results
1Alice Bedwell10009410099100399
2James Clemence00999910099397
3Duncan Innes98100097950390
4Mark Saunders97010093098388
5Gary Davies949797968793384
6Richard Cronin93969692880377
7Matt Whipple0098899291370
8Dave McCullough88900867989353
9Andrew Firth0089878090346
10Nathan Swain86888783770344
11Darren Raz-Nick82898385081339
12Haydn Griffiths969909400289
13Ellen Perry899509800282
14Richard Edge093910910275
15Eira Jepson910900092273
16David Powlesland091930830267
17Matt St Clair008990080259
Non-Handicap Results
RadyrFairwaterPentwynLlanishenWhitchurchCardiff BayBest 4
1Richard Cronin1001009997960396
2Gary Davies9999961009095394
3Matt Whipple00100949896388
4James Clemence0095989994386
5Duncan Innes9998095860378
6Alice Bedwell99086979288376
7Dave McCullough96930928391372
8Mark Saunders9509884093370
9Nathan Swain92899386820360
10Andrew Firth0093908293358
11Darren Raz-Nick83908587082345
12David Powlesland096980880282
13Richard Edge093940900277
14Haydn Griffiths949408500273
15Eira Jepson940890089272
16Matt St Clair009393083269
17Ellen Perry858708900261