Using Free MapRun App 

Maprun has no infrastructure on the ground – all you need is a smartphone and perhaps a print of the map; it’s a time trial rather than a race so you can run any course, any time you want!

We run a series of informal and sociable maprun races on Wednesday evenings mainly through the winter. To see the schedule, visit the overall fixture list .

There is also an archive of old events which can be run at any time. The old maps can be found here.


If you have Garmin watch or GPS device which accepts Garmin Apps you can use MapRunG instead of a phone.

Event Formats

For obvious reasons this year we have to limit runners on the night to 30 with all pre-entry via Fabian4 and individual starts.  You are free to run the course after the event as pdf’s of the paper maps will be put on the website.

Entry Fee

– £5.00.  U16s (£1.00) are very welcome to take part but must be accompanied by an adult.

Bring – phone, torch, watch and hi viz to wear.


  • You have 60 minutes, and a map with up to 30 checkpoints to visit.
  • Your goal: to score points by visiting checkpoints. Score as many points as you can, and get back to the start within the time limit.
  • You can choose which checkpoints to visit, in any order, via any route.
  • Checkpoints are generally road or path junctions and have between 10 and 30 points awarded.  The control sites will not be otherwise marked on the ground.
  • The checkpoint number gives the number of points, checkpoints 1 – 10 will be 10pts, 11 – 20 20pts, 21 – 30 30pts etc.
  • Don’t be late back as penalties are 10pts per minute.

How does it work?

Speed is an advantage, but the fastest runner won’t necessarily come out on top. It’ll take smart planning to find the shortest route worth the most points.

Your route is recorded by the free MapRunF app, available for Android and iPhone or MapRunG for Garmin devices.

  • The app automatically records each checkpoint you visit: it will bleep to tell you it has registered.
  • Although you can use the map provided on the app to navigate with it is better to use the paper map and store your phone away.
  • Once you’ve finished, the app will upload your route, so you can compare your results with everyone else.

What you need to do in advance

  • Download and install the MapRunF App from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • Enter the small amount of personal information required to identify yourself in the results.
  • You should also check that your phone is correctly set up for maprun. Click here for guidance on phone settings for the maprun app.
  • Start the app, Tap Select Event. You’ll need to scroll down to the UK folder, and then into Wales and then South Wales
  • Select the Event. Wait for the course and map files to download.
  • You won’t be able to see the map or course until you are given a PIN number just before the start of the event.

NOTE – Informal MapRun events are not covered by British Orienteering 3rd party liability insurance .

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