Maprun League Positions before the final race

Organisers 100pts now added.

New Handicap League table here

PosNameAge classPenarthLlandaf NorthHeathWhitchurch CaerauCathaysRhiwbinaBest 4
1Richard CroninM30991009795100100100400
2Elliott JenkinsM219901009999990397
3Tom FoordM450001009810099397
4Richard EdgeM4597989797100095392
5James ClemenceM60961009398979290391
6Duncan InnesM6009584100946884373
7Dafydd Trystan DaviesM45948791950910371
8Ellie ClemenceW2189918986939491369
8Joseph KillickM2100898691970363
10Alice BedwellW6091091008789358
11Mark SaundersM6093089009085357
11Nia WW35086767990800335
13Hannah DarlingtonW21094767784730331
13Cassie SummersW30880828107074325
15Rudy MostertM35880828106973324
16Christine FarrW450946910005956322
16Isabelle NevettW21810768707466318
18Emma WilkinsW40797807080600307
19Sue BettsW3588856666000305
19Jo RileyW4573846708100305
21Peter RibbansM6584000857854301
22Graham ToughM7580007807568301
23Gareth HartM5079007506177292
24Mark PM350097950096288
25Gary DaviesM450009109897286
26Rachel DarlingtonW2100767606365280
27Andy FirthM4000100087081268
27Andrew DouglasM219308588000266
29Nathaniel PalmerM500009188830262
30Florence HainesW210000928483259
31Kate DarlingtonW450920860650243
32Andrew RobertsM500830086710240
33Paul AdamsM457907975000233
34Justin PocknellM557907975000233
35Katie PetersonW300007507780232
36Christopher MorganM400079830057219
37Marcus PinkerM45099980000197
38Clare DW35097000098195
39Andrew FirthM40009992000191
40George TordoffM45008997000186
41Andy GardinerM35009300093186
42Thomas ThorntonM30950000890184
43Harry ShearerM21000009687183
44John SeawardM35091089000180
45Pierre Victor-LemaireM30000008692178
46Ian MulcahyM301000000670167
47Holly MorrisW21830830000166
48Rachel HaighW50079008200161
49Da PowleslandM35089000720161
50Darke SimonM65007108900160
51Gemma MullerW21000008169150
52Rheanna ColyerW40008000067147
53Andrea DarlingtonW50083000640147
54Zoe PelechW30006870000138
55Will ArnoldM210097000097
56Nathan SwainM350960000096
57Mark PalserM350000950095
58James BakerM210000095095
59Ian GoudgeM450000009494
60Jacob TupperM200000093093
61Steve CollinsM559000000090
62Adrian MoirM600890000089
63Vanessa JonesW408800000088
64Tom BakerM400000088088
65Jack HockingM300000008888
66James BowenM210000085085
67Rog MorrisM558300000083
68Nath FernandesM300000830083
69Andy StottM600008300083
70Megan GorryW300000082082
71David SewardM600000008282
72Becky HolmesW400810000081
73Karen ElversW500800000080
74Megan PoulsonW210000007979
75Craig JonesM217900000079
76Megan LawtonW210000007878
77Matt St ClairM400000076076
78Jodie RochfordW210076000076
79Matt EvansM210000007575
80Helena GoodeW300007500075
81Charlotte EllissW357400000074
82Davy SewardM350000007272
83Inge ElfferichW210000007171
84Scott PlaceM210000007070
85Jackie FraryW350007000070
86Dougie Innes-farrM120070000070
87Gill StottW650006700067
88Richard JonesM550000066066
89Magda WatersW400066000066
90Donna GrantW450006500065
91Reuben BraybrookM180000006464
92Huw PhillipsM500064000064
93Kate BraybrookW400000006363
94Lianne ReesW450000006262
95Justn PocknellM550000062062
96Emily GriffithsW210000006161
97Dewi HillM400000006060
98Will MorganM120000005959
99Katherine FretwellW300000005858
100Gareth ClubbM450000058058
101Zoë WilderW450000005555

2023/4 MapRun League

Running from September to April these are low-key urban races held once a month in the Cardiff area.

Individual event details are available below

20th September Penarth

18th October Llandaf North

15th November Heath

13th December Whitchurch

17th January Caerau

21st February Rhiwbina

20th March Cathays

17th Aril St Mellons

Winter Maprun League Final Results

With 30 runners at the final event of the year final league positions are out.

Tom Foord won the Mens with Richard Cronin and James Clemence tied for 3rd.

In the ladies Alice Bedwell and Ellie Clemence tied for 1st with Christine Farr in 3rd.

62 individuals had a total of 148 runs over the 6 races.

PosNameRhiw-binaLlandaf NorthWhit-churchCardiff Bay Cwm-branRadyrCaerph-illlyPontc-annaBest 4
1Tom Foord0100100100100100097400
2James Clemence9810097100096096395
2Richard Cronin081979599991000395
4Elliott Jenkins00094981009898394
5Richard Edge99959293000100387
6Gary Davies96909600929995386
7Andrew Firth93989491095090380
8Dafydd Trystan Davies908792980939692379
9Alice Bedwell929790900000369
9Ellie Clemence86899587095090369
11Duncan Innes90100898900086368
12Mark Saunders929588890000364
13Rhys Jones000096869774353
14Christine Farr77798681087073333
15Rachel Haigh074857808500322
16Matt Whipple100950000095290
17Mulcahy Ian09209700099288
18Nathaniel Palmer94969300000283
19Andrew Douglas00009797083277
20Marcus Pinker07599990000273
21Peter Ribbans81810000078240
22Darke Simon79008300077239
23Darke Simon79008300077239
24Matt O'Keefe00000980100198
25Mark P9689000000185
26Da Powlesland9000000091181
27Lee Tinnion9882000000180
28Cassie Summers0000091082173
28Rudy Mostert0000091082173
30Camilla Brueton0870850000172
31Graham Tough8300008800171
31Matt St Clair0000089082171
33Rich Carr0008300087170
34Adrian Moir0830840000167
35Sian Edwards0770000085162
36Megan Gorry0000082076158
37Hayden Griffiths0010000000100
38Wells Steffan00096000096
39Timothy Gibbons00093000093
40James Baker00000009393
41Sam Deeley90000000090
42Leon Hughes00000008888
43Laurence Snowden08700000087
44Stewart Harding08700000087
45Gareth Williams86000000086
46Lovett Alice00086000086
47Thomas Thornton00000008585
48Ian Standen84000000084
49Alan Mason00840000084
50Ian Standen84000000084
51Lucy Hammond83000000083
52Nath Fernandes00000830083
53Andy John81000000081
54Jill Manning00080000080
55Andrew Roberts07900000079
55Sam Stokes00000007979
57Sophie Jones78000000078
58Rowan Phillips07600000076
58Alan Fishwick00000007676
60Emma Harris00000007272

Welsh Championships 2023

Congratulations to SWOC prize winners –

Douglas Innes-Farr 2nd M12,

Andrew Raven 3rd M18,

Christopher Raven 2nd M18,

Rhys Manning 1st M40,

Tom Foord 1st M45,

James Clemence 1st M60,

John Mills 3rd M70,

Frank Ince 1st M80,

Alun Morgan 2nd M80,

Christine Farr 2nd W45,

Jane Bush 2nd W65,

Jill Manning 1st W70,

Anne May 2nd W70,

Sue Colbert W75.

Get out & go orienteering How-to videos

‘Get Out & Go‘ is a series of short films to take beginners through all the basics to confidently try orienteering. All the skills and techniques shown in the films are easy to practice using our Anytime MapRun Courses.

The four films are titled Getting Started, Getting Going, Getting Confident and Getting Faster.

  1. Getting Started gives information on orienteering maps, useful symbols to note, how courses are drawn, and what to look for at checkpoints or controls.  It also shows how to line up the map with features nearby, a key skill to help the novice orienteer set off in the right direction.
  2. Getting Going covers more detail on the map, shows how to use a compass, simple route choices, how to use features other than paths as handrails, and when to cut corners.
  3. Getting Confident gives tips on techniques that help build more confidence in navigational decisions. These include learning to take a sure route into a checkpoint, finding a safety net if you overshoot and using control descriptions to visualise the checkpoint.
  4. Getting Faster demonstrates where to plan ahead, where to speed up and slow down and gives some tips on reading the map on the run.

Thank-you to Manchester and District Orienteering Club and GMOA for creating this fantastic resource