20th Oct 2014 Castell Coch Local Event


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Castle Coch Orienteering
Results for 20 September 2014

Name Club Age Class Time

1 Ben Doherty SBOC M21 53.39

2 Pete Colbert SWOC M60 92.02

3 Tessa Lewis SWOC W45 95.05

4 Kevin Bush SWOC M55 114.49

Jane Bush SWOC W55 DNF

Pete Havard SWOC M65 DNF

1 Claire Dallimore SWOC W21 30.00

2 Fraser Stephens SWOC M45 44.44

3 Jeff Bryant SWOC M55 49.13

4 Frank Ince SWOC M70 49.44

5 Jenny Lewis SWOC W16 51.42

6 Fred Miller NATO M60 59.23

7 Noel Bryant SWOC W55 60.06

8 Kate Stephens SWOC W40 62.21

9 Jaqsmin Silk SWOC W12 68.28

10 Annemieke Silk SWOC W45 88.27

11 Alun Morgan SWOC M70 93.43

12 Sue Colbert SWOC W65 94.09

Nick Silk Collected all green controls

Quinlan Silk Collected all green controls


1 Carl Seaman Ind M40 43.20

2 Sophie and James Daniels IND W21 51.50

3 Laura and Barry Page Ind W21 83.38

4 Rachel and Emily ind W10 84.55

5 Torren Stephens SWOC M4 105.30

6 Lex and Dean Woolford Ind W35 109.42

Yellow 1 Louise Restall IND M12 21.16

2 Geargie Restall and parents Ind W12 21.22

3 Charlie Jenner and parent Ind M10 22.42

4 Natasha Simmons and parent Ind W12 25.45

5 Ellen Weller and parent Ind W12 26.38

6 Lack Jenner and parent Ind M12 29.01

7 Sam Grosvenor Ind M16 30.45

8 S Grosvenor ind adult 36.30

9 Jeff Grosvenor Ind Adult 36.30

Organisers comments

First of all a big thank you to all who turned up, particularly the newcomers to the sport. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you all again for the next bit of coaching on 15 November. If you want to try out what you have learned before then there is a Welsh League event at Blaenavon that has yellow and orange courses on 4 October. Details on the website. www.swoc.org.uk

Next a big thank you to all who helped on the day.
Pete Havard and Lauren Ferrand for helping with the coaching
Claire Dallimore, and Nick and Quinlan Silk for collecting controls. (and Lauren again)

Finally, well done to who had fastest times. Hopefuly you found them challenging but fair.
Finally, finally apologies for the undoubted mistakes in the above. I struggled to read the writing at times.
See you all next time if not on 4th.