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Next Events and Coaching Sessions

Local Score Event and Coaching - 16th December - Llantrisant Forest

We will be putting on coaching prior to the event on Saturday, from about 10.15 to 11.25.  All those taking part in the coaching will then be able to take part in the score event taking place from the same car park. 

The exercises will cover basic skills, such as understanding the map, contours and compass work.  It will be suitable for everyone from complete beginners to those looking to gain confidence visiting controls away from paths.   Should be fun.

Meet in the same car park as the local event at 10.15. No charge for the coaching, but there is a fee for the local event. 
Look forward to seeing you.

Local event details here

Whitchurch Street O - Wed 20th Dec, Mass start7pm.
Details here

Forest Challenge

Forest Challenge! - the orienteering board game for 2-6 players

Forest Challenge!” is an exciting board game where even the most “average” orienteer can beat that fit M21 or W21 on a Blue, Brown or even Black course. Saturday evenings will never be the same again as you strive to relive the triumphs and disasters of those afternoons spent in the Forest.

Cost of the game is £11-00 (including postage) from Alan Brown, 10 Brizen Lane, Cheltenham, GL53 0NG. Cheques payable to NGOC (or pay by PayPal or bank transfer). Email Alan Brown at for further information.

Ideal for Christmas or birthday present or club prize.

British Middle Championships

British Middle & Sprint Championship Successes

Frank Ince M75  - 1st in Middle and 2nd in Sprint

Alice Bedwell W55 - 1st in both Middle & Sprint

Park series league results

Final Park Series League Results after 6 races -


Name Age Club


1 Carys Bill W16 Ind

1 7 1 3
2 Pete Colbert M65 SWOC

3 5 8 3 5
3 Sue Colbert W70 SWOC
5 2 6 6 6 7
4 Aled joseph M12 Caerphilly Scouts
3 1

1 20 25
5 Christine Farr W40 SWOC

4 20 29
6 James and Harry M14 Caerphilly Scouts

5 2 2
7 Pete Ribbans M60 SWOC
6 5

10 10
8 Peter Moloney M70 NGOC
8 9 4 12 13 11
9 Christopher Raven M12 SWOC/ Caerphilly Scouts
4 7
11 17 13
10 Alec Care M21 SWOC

10 7
20 42
11 Anthony Raven M45 SWOC/ Caerphilly Scouts
11 14
10 8 15


1 Alice Bedwell W55 SWOC
1 1 1 1 1 5
2 John Mills M65 SWOC
4 4 2 5 4 4
3 Duncan Innes M55 SWOC
5 6 9 6 4

4 Will White M21 SARUM

3 8 6 8
5 Marcus Pinker M40 FVO
2 2

20 26
6 Richard Cronin M21 NGOC
13 9 8 11 7

7 Mark Ponsford M21 SWOC
8 10
8 Jane Bush W60 SWOC

8 5 13
9 Jeremy Parr M45 SWOC

11 12 10 11
10 Gary Davies M40 SWOC

7 20 44
11 Alec Care M21 SWOC

10 7 9

20 46

best 4 score to count

20 points if not completed 4 races

Lagganlia 2016

Jasmine Silk attended the BOF junior training camp at Lagganlia this summer, this is her account of the week.

My fellow welsh representative, Oscar, and I started our journey in Bristol. We woke up at 6:30 and, feeling extremely excited, started our journey. We got to Lancaster untroubled but then our next train to Edinburgh was delayed by half an hour which meant that we would miss our connection to Lagganlia. Fortunately we caught the next train from Edinburgh to Lagganlia and arrived just in time for dinner. After dinner, we played some fun games to get to know everyone’s names.

The next day was our first full day of training so straight after breakfast we had a briefing in order to let us know what we would be doing throughout the week. Then we set off for the first area of the week – Uath Lochans. We finished the morning’s training with a fun clock relay but unfortunately half way through Oscar fell over and dislocated and broke his elbow. He was taken off to hospital and we found out what happened to him after dinner and the next day he came back with his arm in a cast.

We carried on the week’s training in some brilliant areas such as Grantown-on-Spey, the Moor of Alvie, Badaguish and Intriarch. My favourite area of the whole week was called Roseisle. It was a beautiful sandy woodland right on the coast of Scotland that was brilliantly ‘run-able’. At each area we did a series of different orienteering exercises such as bearings, simplifying and aiming off and finished off with relay.

I made lots of new friends who I am very much looking forward to seeing again at future events. The coaches were extremely helpful and in our coaching groups each evening we went over the exercises we had done that day and occasionally went over maps from previous events, talking about what had gone well and what could have gone better.

My favourite part of the week was the fun relay on the last day when the coaches dressed up and we had to carry a balloon around our courses! I think that any orienteer my age with the ability to qualify and the opportunity to go, should definitely try to qualify as it was a brilliant experience! I learnt new orienteering techniques, improved not only my fitness but my overall skill in orienteering and made lots of new friends for life