17th Jan 2018 - Newport Evening Street Event

Thanks to all who braved the abysmal weather to run around Bassaleg and High Cross. Given the rain I opted to score based on GPS plots rather than expect paper sheets to survive - you can see plots here.


Thanks to Network Rail for providing a reasonably warm and dry shelter for before and after the run :-)


1st Marcus Pinker FVO M40 340 -20 320

2nd Mark Saunders BOK M55 270 -20 250
3rd Alice Bedwell BOK W55 240 -10 230
4th Robert Gale IND M35 220 0 220
5th Jeremy Parr SWOC M50 220 -20 200
6th Helen Trollope IND W35 140 -20 120
7th Charlie Daniel IND W35 no score submitted


Richard Cronin