SWOC's Fully Mobile Computer Set-up

SWOC's Fully Mobile Computer Set-Up


Computer System for SWOC day



The above photo shows the arrangement used by South Wales OC to provide a full on-the-day computing facility at our local events. WYSIWYG, there is no addition generator or large battery with an inverter. The notebook computer has a battery with a claimed 8/9 hour life, and to date this has been more than adequate. The fast split printer is powered by two small 12 VDC sealed lead acid batteries, these will power the printer for 12+ hours.


Modification to the results layout allows the split printer to be used for printing copies of on-the-day results. In the photo a set of results has just been printed.


Details on how to wire up the Split printer to work from the two 12VDC batteries can be obtained by clicking here.  N.B. This document contains photographs and is consequently just over 10MB. 


Should you wish to contact me about any related issues then email me at grahamATjgtough.waitrose.com  {replacing AT with the symbol @}


Graham Tough,  SWOC